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Extended Stay Tucson Options for You

Are you planning on coming to Arizona and wondering if there are any extended stay Tucson options while you figure out your permanent housing situation? Or maybe you know you’ll only be stationed here for a while – not long enough to buy a home, but too long to stay in a hotel room?

Or maybe you already live here in Tucson, but your home is undergoing some serious work… if that’s the case, you too might be in the need of some sort of extended stay Tucson facility.

Extended Stay TucsonThe good news is that Tucson has a lot of extended stay options. You simply have to determine which one is the best fit for your particular needs. We’ll have a look at some of the options that are available to you here in this article.

The city center of Tucson, Arizona is at Stone Avenue and Broadway Boulevard. Just a few blocks west of here you’ll find that the epitome of city life can be observed in the newly renovated downtown area. With many new shops, bars and restaurants to be found, the downtown area is now lively with activity.

Extended Stays in Tucson – Neighborhood Options

Tucson has a number of different kinds of neighborhoods in which many people could enjoy their time when they are in this area. The oldest neighborhood of Tucson is the El Presidio; there is also a place called Barrio Libre, better known as Barrio Historico; one could also visit Armory Park or Barrio Anita. Anita is the name of an early settler in Tucson and this place was named after her. The Forth Avenue, before known as Barrio Tiburon and referred to as the red-light district in years past, is another good spot. Continue reading

Finding Short Term Rentals In Tucson

short term rentals in TucsonAre you a professional looking for short term rentals in Tucson? All you need is look on the internet and presto! You will find hundreds of advertisements about short term rentals in Tucson. What you might need some help with though, is figuring out how to pick from all those options. Hopefully we can help you with that by providing a bit more general information for you here. Continue reading

Corporate Housing Tucson: Where To Find The Most Beautiful And Most Affordable Options

Corporate housing Tucson is growing in popularity each and every year, and it’s really not too surprising. Why not? It’s very common for people to be on an extended business trip in Tucson, but not want to stay in a hotel. Why not try some corporate housing in Tucson instead? These Tucson corporate housing options are complete with the things that you are used to at home, and things that you might need to make you feel at ease during an extended stay in Tucson.

Your Options When It Comes to Corporate Housing Tucson

corporate housing TucsonCorporate housing in Tucson comes in many different sizes and shapes. You want a two-bedroom condo? Corporate housing Tucson has it. There is also some spa/resort type corporate housing in Tucson that perfectly blend the comforts of home with the comforts of resort living. Why not get the best of all worlds, right? Continue reading

Vacation Rentals Tucson

vacation TucsonAre you on the search for Vacation Rentals Tucson? Lots of people are because Tucson is a great place that many people enjoy visiting and many prefer to remain for an extended stay, especially during the winter months. It is a beautiful place in Arizona and it would be crazy not to appreciate the uniqueness of this city and its’ surroundings for as long as you can.

Tucson has its own airport and many airlines serve it. It is also near Phoenix and the Mexican border for those wondering what other nearby places are available to possibly visit during an extended stay in Tucson. Even for just the Saguaro Sunset, this place is already worth visiting. To see this, it is a good idea to start planning and looking for vacation rentals in Tucson.

The Saguaro Sunset is certainly something to appreciate during your stay if at all possible. By visiting the Saguaro National Park, just on the east side of Tucson at sunset, you’ll see a breathtaking view of thousands of the massive, majestic saguaro cacti silhouetted against the beautiful sunset, in its perfect reddish, purple, pink and orange-like color. Continue reading

Great Furnished Apartments in Tucson – Comfortable and Affordable

Finding furnished apartments in Tucson is easier than you might think, and there’s a good reason for that. You see, Tucson is one of the great places in Arizona, and in America, where people often come and visit for a short time, and end up staying longer on vacation or even beyond. When people take a vacation they want nothing else to worry about but having fun or doing what they came to do. Furnished apartments in Tucson are the more common and practical place to stay for a period of more than a couple of days of stay, instead of staying in a hotel where the rate is so much higher and the room is so much smaller.

On the internet, businesses for furnished apartments around Tucson have posted every available option that people can choose from. The dwellings differ in sizes, amenities, location, special perks, and of course, as a consequence, they also differ in price.

Find Furnished Apartments in Tucson in All Parts of Town

furnished apartments in TucsonAn example of a furnished apartment in Tucson is one in La Canada. In this area is a huge house rented out to folks looking for an extended stay in Tucson which has everything a vacationer or even a settler needs. It has air conditioning, an alarm system for security, the television and the place is cable ready, it has a dishwasher, a unit for washer and dryer, it has spacious closets, a microwave oven, an extra storage, and it is furnished with everything else a house requires. Continue reading

Get Great Wilderness EMS Training in Tucson

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Vacation Home Rental Strategies

vacation home rental

Key Pieces of Information on Vacation Home Rentals

Vacation home rental delivers the usefulness of being just an arm further away from your favourite attractions. With the rapidly increasing number of vacation rentals out there, competition is really on the rise. These days, it is simple to come across decent vacation home rentals in distinct areas of the world and in addition in the united states. Rent the home for a vacation rental.”

The largest decision you should take after purchasing a vacation rental is about its management. Unless you’re searching for a vacation within the middle of nowhere, you will find another property fairly easily. If this sounds like your position, you will want to think about a beach home rental. Price and economy another major advantage of securing a vacation home rental in lieu of a hotel.

Vacation home rental is getting to be a trend today. And So, the very first big benefit of a vacation property rental is that you get all the space that you require, and probably may wind up getting something which outdoes your real residence. Turning your home into a vacation rental may seem overwhelming at first… but it truly doesn’t need to be. Many vacation home developments now have problems with overgrown yards as a consequence of all of the foreclosed homes.

Whether or not you want to make your own website for your own vacation house rental property or just want to have an extremely easy way to market your house, you may be considering looking into the advantages of vacation rental websites. You may make flyers with pictures of your residence, prices, along with a record of amenities that you could post within the town wherever your vacation home rental is situated. This enables potential guests of their vacation rentals to really have a very clear notion of the sort of amenities they’re going to enjoy and several details about the surrounding area also. Sometimes a hotels price per night could be negotiated, however a rental listing on the internet can more often than not be negotiated.

A household vacation to Disney World is not easy to match somewhere else, but the costs may add up and result in a very pricey vacation particularly when it comes to hotels. Because you can see, Vegas vacation home rentals can be immensely expensive or incredibly economical, contingent on how you spin it. This will definitely help assure you have the most effective possible choice of vacation homes to pick from so that you may locate the one which is the greatest fit for your demands. A hotel stay is mostly very stifling whereas staying in vacation home rentals means that you may receive a bedroom including bath together with kitchen as well as living room and also perhaps a patio for exactly the same price tag.

Many vacationers choose to lease a vacation homes for many different reasons. An increasing number of people choose to rent a vacation home than remain in a hotel. In case you aren’t acquainted with the advantages made available by vacation home rentals, allow me to walk you as go through the key points. Numerous neighborhoods comprise the city and extend vacationers a sizable choice of accommodations and activities.

Extended Stay Housing – Tucson Grows With The Industry

extended stay housing TucsonMarkets which have the highest number of corporate apartments – sorry, residential apartments under construction – are Dallas, Washington D.C., Austin, Houston, Denver, and New York. That is a good indicator that there should be some easing in obtaining inventory. New York might be the exception there because its vacancy’s remarkably low, a low 2%.

Just as an indicator of what happened at the end of 2012, downtown Seattle had, I believe it was 13 or so apartment towers under construction, and the inventory available over the next year went up 10% from the previous year.

So there are good signals that with the new apartment units coming online that we should see some supply growth this year, which is counter to the last two years.

And when you don’t get any supply growth, you have a contraction with high occupancy already there, demand is likely to go down, so units demanded in the US actually went down 4.2% on 2014 compared to 2013.

There was only a small decrease in occupancy, though; it went from 88.6 to 88.1 percent. Average rate for corporate housing was up 3.9%. Revenue per available room up 3.3. And room revenues were down under one half of 1%, so even despite demand, revenues received within the industry, in terms of room revenues if you like, was essentially the same in 2013 as it was in 2012.

Canadian Numbers for Extended Stay Housing

Our search on Canada is a lot younger than it is in the US. We’ve been researching Canada for about 6 years and the US for about 15, so we’re pleased to see that each year we get more participation in Canada, and I think that’s one of the reasons why we see unit supply up more than 11% in 2013 to 2012, and actually, back since 2009, it’s up more than 80%.

Unit demand in Canada was up 5.3% over the previous year. Occupancy was down at 5.3%, and average rate was also down in Canada. Need to stress on the average rate that where you have a relatively small sample of apartment units and you can get big changes from year to year and certain markets heavily influencing the direction of the data, in three areas of Canada in 2013, average rate actually went up. It’s just in the bigger areas with more units and a big increase in unit supply, it went down and it pushed the overall average down.

Revenue per available room declined 10.8%, but room revenues, again, were down less than 1% compared to the previous year. The size of the industry, in Canada, did not see a great change from 2013.

And if we just compare the average daily rate between corporate housing in the US and Canada, extended stay hotels and all hotels in the US. Corporate housing in the US up 3.9. Canada, as I mentioned, was down 5.9. Bit of an anomaly, that number.

Extended stay hotels up in US 4.8, and all hotels up in US 3.9%. So you can see on the US side that corporate housing is trending up in the same way as extended stay hotels and all hotels, and indeed, that was the case last year. In fact, corporate housing and extended stay hotels got a significant premium in ADR increase compared to the overall hotel industry.

Key Take-Aways

Us average length of stay was down from 88 to 84 nights, which is not statistically different. It’s ranged from about 80 to 88 over the last several years, and just as a comparison, that’s probably somewhere six or seven times what the average length of stay would be in a US extended stay hotel. Canadian length of stay has actually been trending up over the last four years and is now up to 77 nights.

There was a big drop in US housekeeping charges in 2013. This followed a big increase in housekeeping charges in 2012, and we tended to think that because housekeeping is paid by the guest and it’s generally contracted out by the corporate housing provider, is they were probably last year making some profit on contracting out the housekeeping charges, which can affect an increase in rent, and we think that they have to give some of that back this year because a guest is going to look at the total lodging cost, and if you compare it to a hotel, very, very, few hotels will make additional charges for housekeeping.

The oil and gas sector becomes the largest demand generator in Canada in terms of Canadian providers cited that as the number one industry generating business for corporate housing in Canada. This is significant because the oil and gas sector is highly volatile, and if you look at some of the hotel, extended stay hotel markets in the United States, which are generally in more rural areas, that rely heavily on oil and gas, some of them have suffered major collections from very lofty levels of occupancy and average rate over the last twelve months. And as we’re going to see, Calgary, which I believe is one of the main areas of oil and gas exploration in Canada, has corrected this year after being a really high flying area the prior year.

Oil and gas in the US has not featured that highly in terms of the reason for staying in corporate apartments. I would imagine that’s because obviously Houston it’s going to be a factor, and probably New Orleans, but most of the markets that would get that type of business in the US are too small to be included in here, but I would imagine that it is also generating significant long term demand that could go into corporate housing if they were in those markets. And they probably are in some way, but they’re not ones that we track.

What do you think about the red light cameras?

What do you think about the red light cameras?

Personally, I’m still not sure, but I do think the following comment has more than a grain of truth to it, “…Opponents say they cause more crashes by scaring drivers into stopping at the last second before the signal changes.”

I know I’ve been behind some folks who have done exactly that when (in my opinion) it would have been far safer to simply proceed through the intersection. And apparently some other people felt the same way as I did and expressed it at the time by laying on the horn.

The fact is though, I’m not sure what exactly would trigger the camera to go off, and then issue a ticket to you. So in the end, if my choice is someone honking at me or me having to deal with and pay a ticket… I guess I’ll go with the horn every time.

Image source: http://tucsoncitizen.com/arizo…

Arizona red-light cameras: Opinions still colliding – News from The Arizona Republic

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