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Extended Stay Tucson Options for You

Are you planning on coming to Arizona and wondering if there are any extended stay Tucson options while you figure out your permanent housing situation? Or maybe you know you’ll only be stationed here for a while – not long enough to buy a home, but too long to stay in a hotel room?

Or maybe you already live here in Tucson, but your home is undergoing some serious work… if that’s the case, you too might be in the need of some sort of extended stay Tucson facility.

Extended Stay TucsonThe good news is that Tucson has a lot of extended stay options. You simply have to determine which one is the best fit for your particular needs. We’ll have a look at some of the options that are available to you here in this article.

The city center of Tucson, Arizona is at Stone Avenue and Broadway Boulevard. Just a few blocks west of here you’ll find that the epitome of city life can be observed in the newly renovated downtown area. With many new shops, bars and restaurants to be found, the downtown area is now lively with activity.

Extended Stays in Tucson – Neighborhood Options

Tucson has a number of different kinds of neighborhoods in which many people could enjoy their time when they are in this area. The oldest neighborhood of Tucson is the El Presidio; there is also a place called Barrio Libre, better known as Barrio Historico; one could also visit Armory Park or Barrio Anita. Anita is the name of an early settler in Tucson and this place was named after her. The Forth Avenue, before known as Barrio Tiburon and referred to as the red-light district in years past, is another good spot.

Barrio El Jardín and Barrio El Hoyo (or el Presidio) are also places to pay a visit to. If anyone wants to see and enjoy some historic Mexican-American culture, then you may want to go to El Presidio. El Presidio is the name of the area right around the Tucson Convention Center, where many of the early Mexican-American citizens established their roots, as well as those of Tucson.

If anyone is thinking of an extended stay in Tucson, then places to stay at are just right around the corner. There are options for nearly any type or kind of accommodation suits you. There are simple hotel rooms with a basic floor plan and a bathroom and kitchenette, and there are full on suites for a more extravagant stay. Yet another option for those needing an extended stay in Tucson would be to find a private home to rent for a while. This may be done directly with a property owner, or through a property management company.

Maybe a private home for your extended stay in Tucson?

Extended Stay in TucsonWhen renting a private home, oftentimes you will find you have the same amenities you’re used to at home, such as a television with digital or cable channels and even premium channels. Many homes will even provide for free Wi-Fi connection. Some would add to their amenities great furnishings and decorations, including a fully stocked kitchen, bath and laundry facilities.

Most hotels now have a website put up in the internet. Those websites are helpful for a planned booking. For an extended stay in Tucson, one can just go to the website and check for rates, reservations, kinds of accommodations, etc. There would be a number for reservation but before doing that, it would be best to first know exactly what he is looking for.

A good first step is to be clear on your preference of location within the city. Do you need to be close to work or schools, or is it recreational activities or shopping that are at the top of your convenience list? When these are known, then you can go look for the best accommodation you can get. If you just want a cheap room that can simply give the basic accommodation, then you may check the online room rates and choose from there. If it is comfort that you are looking for, then you may want to look at the pictures and details of the amenities, and probably speak to someone about the details too, before making a final decision.

After determining the amount of time you plan to stay in Tucson, and the general area of town that would suit you well, you may want to check out a few websites to see if there are any testimonials of people who have been in your similar situation in the past and shared their experiences with a particular extended stay Tucson provider.

That’s the beauty of the web today… there are enough third party sites out there that you can usually find the truth as to what kind of service is really provided by reading the reviews of other consumers just like yourself. No more hiding behind nothing but advertising copy and glossy photos! You get to read what real customers have to say.

Finally, after taking everything above into consideration, go ahead and make a call for your extended stay Tucson, you’ve deserved it.