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So cool to see a Wildcat QB in the NFL! Way to go Nick!

It HAD to happen at some point, right? I’m no sports statistician, but wasn’t the U of A the only PAC 10 (12) team to not have a sent a QB to the NFL? At least in a looooong time…

Whatever the specifics are, it’s very cool to see Foles in the big league and… WINNING! 🙂

Granted, it is the pre-season, but hey! A good result is a good result. Looking forward to seeing what more he can do and really hoping he can keep his head together (i.e. no more concussions). But in the NFL… that seems to be par for the course.

Heck, just ask Vick.

Image source: http://www.kvoa.com/news/forme…

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) – Michael Vick keeps taking his lumps. His Philadelphia Eagles keep winning. The star quarterback was leveled after throwing a long pass in the first quarter and underwent X-rays for the second straight game – negative again. Then former Arizona Wildcat QB Nick Foles led the Eagles to a 27-17 preseason victory over the New England Patriots on Monday night. Vick had X-rays on his ribs after being knocked down by linebacker Jermaine Cunningham. Eleven days earlier, in a 24-23 win over Pittsburgh, he had X-rays on his left thumb after hitting it on center Jason Kelce’s helmet. Foles threw two touchdown passes for the second straight game for the Eagles (No. 8 in the AP Pro32). Tom Brady sat out the game for the Patriots (No. 2).

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